cleanse – day seven… green monster

In preparation for my full-day juice-only cleanse, I have introduced a green monster to my daily cleansing routine. Here’s the recipe for my green monster:

Take a bunch of random vegetables from your fridge, preferably all organic. In my case, it was carrots, broccoli, two types of chard, cucumber, celery and green leaves. Throw a fruit in there for sweetness.

Chop everything into slim piece that will fit into Old Faithful.

Bring out Old Faithful, the juicer that’s been in my family for… hmm… probably 15 years.

Run vegetables through old faithful (too hard to do and snap pics at the same time). The result…

… the GREEN MONSTER!! An incredibly healthy and tasty (I think) concoction of enzymes, vitamins, and all the other goodness of the organic vegetables that went into it!

Only one small hiccup: the mess afterwards. But well worth it! 🙂

In other news, today was a good cleansing day.

Just green juice and rice crackers with guacamole for breakfast.

Super Hero granola from Live, a banana and coconut water as a post-workout snack.

Quinoa with steamed vegetables and guacamole for dinner.

Two oranges and some more granola for dessert.

And a handful of lentil crisps throughout the day. Yum!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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