cleanse – day six… survival

Happy Saturday everyone!

Today was an interesting day on my cleanse. It didn’t feel very cleanse like, and that was the entire point. I realized last night that if I want to survive the full 21 days, I have to add a few “cheat” days in. Today was a “cheat” day… well, sort of.

This morning I decided I was allowed to eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, so long as it fit the restrictions (had to be vegan, no sugar, no gluten, no caffeine, no booze, etc). Outside of that, it didn’t matter. I needed some way to stay on track!

So I started the day with a delicious green monster after my warm water with lemon and cayenne (yes, we finally have lemons!!). I’ll post more about the green monster separately but, for now, I’ll leave you with what it looks like:


Then there was this around 8:30am:

Brown rice puffs with blueberries and almond milk, with loads of cinnamon and ground flax on top!

Then oatmeal with nuts for breakfast numero dos around 11:00 at Sbucks (my hubby-to-be wanted his usual breakfast sandwich; I was peckish).

Then I headed to Noah’s before training and a full bag of goodies!

My snack was lentil chips with guacamole.

Then for dinner, there was this:

Some brown rice sushi with carrots, burdock, cucumber, etc and the most amazingly delicious zucchini “spaghetti” with pesto, kale, spinach and tomatoes from Live. SOOOOO unbelievably delicious – so good in fact, that I forgot to take a photo until it was almost all done!

And finally, I just finished the brown rice sushi because I was peckish again. Overall, I probably ate too much, too late, and not enough leaves… but it helped me not hate this cleanse. In fact, if I could eat foods like this everyday, I would stay on this cleanse forever… just please don’t hold me to that!

After so many hours of yoga, I am spent.

Good night!

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