cleanse – day five… boooring!

Okay, I’ll just say it. Today was hard. Very, very hard. I was completely fine until about 3:00pm when a sudden wave of unbelievable hunger, combined with annoying cravings, kicked in.

Here’s what got me to this point:


Okay, yes, this picture is a copy from a few days ago, but only because it looked exactly the same!


Purchased green salad with black bean and corn salsa. I added the left over brown rice and broccoli number.

Snack = one lone orange.

BOOOOOORING! Each of those options was delicious the first and second time around, not so much the forth and fifth time in a row. I struggled and struggled with not throwing in the towel…

… but I took my struggling self to yoga and didn’t give in. Victory number one.

Then it was dinner time. I had all of ten minutes to grab something. This was the result:

Rice crackers and some fruit. That’s a pack of Emergen-C but I didn’t end up using it.

So, in the end, today wasn’t the best day. But that’s okay because I learned a very valuable lesson. The trick to surviving a cleanse is variety! Of course you’re going to get bored when you have to consume the same for five days straight, no matter how delicious it may be. So the goal for the next stretch is just that – variety, variety, variety! (Oh, and eating enough calories!)

Good night!

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