hello garlic, helllllllo oregano oil!

Hello my snow angels!

The snow is falling beautifully outside. Typically, I would be heading home from a double hot yoga + pilates extravaganza right about now, but alas, I am at home a wee bit under the weather.

Nothing major, no need to worry. Just a tickle in the throat and a general, “everything hurts all at once, must lie down now” sort of thing.

In my 26 years of wisdom, I have to learn two things about being sick:

  • When you get sick, you must, must, must let your body recharge because otherwise, it will get much worse (a few rounds of pneumonia will teach you that lesson).
  • Getting sick means something is off kilter – usually it’s due to stress and too many toxins in the system.
  • When you’re sick, garlic and oregano oil are your best friends, sugar and dairy are mean bullies.

So, based on those three pearls of Maya wisdom, here is my three-part plan for tomorrow:

  1. Rest. End of story.
  2. Detox, detox, detox. I’m a little too sick to write a lengthy post on what detoxing is, why it’s important…. so instead, for now, I’ll just point you to the experts: Ms. Kris Carr (LOVE her!)
  3. Gallons of oregano oil and loads of fresh garlic (poor, poor Matt).

Is it a little funny that I’m eagerly looking forward to this? Oh well. 🙂

Off to bed… I don’t feel so good. 😦

P.S. Regular cleansing apparently helps with cellulite!

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