one breath at a time…

Holy moly! Delinquent blogger here!

Let me explain my absence:

That’s me!

Last week, I put my crazy little life on hold and headed to Mexico. After a few twitchy days – it’s hard to know how to do absolutely nothing when you’re used to doing way toooooo much – I settled in and let every cell of my body relax. Completely. Fully. Relax.

It was wonderful….

… except for one wee problem.

The vacation completely threw me off my nutty, nutty pace and I have struggled to get back. After three 16-hour days, I prepared for bed yesterday near tears.

Here’s how the bedside conversation went:

me: There always seems to be so much to do.

hubby-to-be (htb): What do you mean?

me: My to-do list just grows and grows and grows. It never seems to be disappear.

htb: That’s life, babe.

me: But it’s so exhausting. It’s wearing me out.

htb: Sure, if you let it. There will always be things to do, but you don’t have to do them all at once.

LIGHTBULB! I realized that the pressure and speed was largely self-imposed. Sure, there are things to do. There always will be things to do. But how many of those things really need to be done? What’s really important? What can wait? What can you let go of completely? It’s seems that if you ever feel like I did last night, when you can’t breathe because you have so much to do and just the thought of it stresses you out, simply slow down and prioritize. One breath at a time.

With that thought, I took a deep breath and mentally crossed off (or at least delayed) a third of my self-imposed to-do list. I turned over and fell asleep thinking about how much I love my wise htb.

So tonight, before you turn over and fall asleep, give yourself permission to give up one item on your life’s to-do list… without guilt.


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