yoga pose of the week: dancer’s pose

This week’s yoga pose is: eQua towel!

Just kidding! That’s just my new anti-slip yoga towel. After a few near-disasters in some very sweaty classes, I deemed this a necessity and purchased it today with absolutely zero guilt…. and I absolutely love it! 🙂

Okay, let’s get serious…

This week’s yoga pose is my favourite of favourites: dancer’s pose or natarajasana
(perhaps also dandayaman dhanuransana). It looks a little something like this:

Dancer’s pose is a bow pose which involves standing on one leg, kicking the other one out and up (ideally above your head), and letting the pose open you up. The anatomical focus is pretty much everywhere: on the knees, thighs, shoulders, chest, back, lungs… you name it, it’s working in this pose. Dancer’s pose is an anatomical butt kick.

But that’s not the only reason why dancer’s pose is my favourite. I love this pose because, on the days when your body decides to keep you balanced and still, it’s looks so graceful and it makes you feel like you can take off and fly. I also love the metaphor, described best by Chopra in Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga,

“To hit the target you are aiming at, you must first pull back to a still point that is full with potential… The technology for the success in life is first to pull back to a still, quiet inner place from which you can become clear about your goal, and then act with the full power of your intention. In yoga, the bow poses remind you to dive deep within yourself to find your quiet, unbounded state of awareness. When you act from this expanded domain of consciousness, your intentions will be powerful and success will be more likely”

This is precisely what yoga is about for me – a chance to quietly pull back, regroup and reassess, and then seize my full potential… although, on somedays I just tip out of the pose, land awkwardly on the floor, and have a good laugh. That’s pretty powerful too. 🙂


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