gobble gobble (veggie styles!)

Thanksgiving is quickly becoming one of my favourite holidays. We didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Poland (for obvious historical reasons), so I never grew up with the holiday, but I’ve got to experience many wonderful Thanksgivings with the hubby-to-be’s family… and it’s recently been picked up by my family as well (yay!)

Leaving aside all politics about the origins of the holiday, I love it because it has nothing to do with presents, money, consumerism, etc (at least not for us). It’s about family, friends, wonderful food, and, most importantly, being grateful for all that this western life affords us.

In no particular order, my heart is bursting with gratitude for:

  • My hubby-to-be. He is such a wonderful man.
  • My family, and how we have all grown together.
  • My new family. They are the most loving, generous people in the world.
  • My friends. I can truly say I know the world’s best people.
  • My cat. Bundles and bundles of unconditional love.
  • My house, in this lovely city. How fortunate am I to have a roof over my head, and such a wonderful one at that?!
  • All of the food in my tummy and the leftovers in the fridge… and never having to worry about there being more.
  • My job. It took one page of the book I’m reading to put things back into perspective.
  • Etc, etc… and so much more after that.

I could not be happier.


P.S. What are you grateful for? 🙂

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