I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaack (and I’m starving as I’m fasting today!) So I’ll admit, the media-free week wasn’t entirely media-free. On Wednesday night, sore and cranky, I watched the season finale of True Blood. I had to! Eric Northman was dying (he didn’t of course, but I had to know for sure). And it’s possible there was a viewing of Mama Mia with some lovely friends of mine. But that’s pretty much it for slip ups.

Here’s what was so surprising about the week: I loved it! No part of me felt deprived, not one bit, not of anything. The experience was relaxing and yet extremely productive. Here’s all that I managed to accomplish whilst (I like this word) not watching TV:

  • Read a magazine cover to cove.
  • Read this book: Short History of Progress (Wright)
  • And this book: Living Yoga (Turlington)
  • And this book: Hot Yoga (Barnett)
  • Took out my belly button ring, for good. It’s nice to see my belly button again. I wonder how long I’ll have two.
  • Exfoliated.
  • Flossed.
  • Slept more.
  • Slept better.
  • Went to many, many yoga and pilates classes.
  • Cuddled with Charlie.
  • Took a nice, long, hot bubble bath to relax the aching yoga muscles.
  • Dusted and wiped every baseboard.
  • Got so bored, I meditated.
  • Went to the public library, which might as well be heaven on earth.
  • And then there was this:

AND it made those couple hours of TV so much more enjoyable than if I had just routinely plopped myself in front of the ‘tube yet again.

So what I did I learn about all of this almost media-free week? Simply, that the old adage, however cliche it may be, is true: everything in moderation. Moderation, at least when it comes to media it seems, equals a happy, healthy Maya.

Thanks for popping by!


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