me = yogi!

If yoga is my word, then a yogi I shall be!

One of the benefits of this past month’s debacles was that it all gave me a big kick in the behind to shake things up even further. In the midst of my shaking, I finally decided to commit to my love of yoga by signing up for a teacher certification program. Starting October 19, 2010, I will be neck deep in yoga for four solid months. But I figure, why wait until October and why only four months? If I truly am as passionate about yoga as I claim, I should really, truly, really commit to it.

So…. starting tomorrow, September 1st, 2010, I am hereby committing to six months of yoga. Every. Single. Day. Now let’s be realistic here – I’m in the midst of planning a wedding and I do have a few other things going on in my life (perhaps a few too many) – so it is essential that the “rules” allow for flexibility. Luckily, that’s one of the beauties of yoga – no pun intended! I can take a class, practice at home from a video, or just run through a few sun salutations. But it must be some form of yoga, at least once a day until March 1, 2011 (and beyond!)

So here we go folks. Let’s see how this one turns out! 🙂

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