september: LEARNING

With the first month almost up, it’s time to reset and keep trucking along!

This September is going to be my second year not starting school and – even though I risk revealing all of my nerddom with this statement – I have to admit, it makes me quite sad. I have always loved the thrill of back-to-school – all of the new pencils, binders and fresh lined paper; sitting in the first class anticipating what the next eight months would bring; the crisp white syllabi which outlined all of the important things I would quickly ram into my head (and then quickly forget). It was all so magical.

Me. Age 6. Day one of grade one. Beaming.

While I know I will eventually go back to school – maybe for a Masters, a Doctorate, or some sort of certificate – this September doesn’t hold that in the cards for me. But just because I’m not officially registered in any classes doesn’t mean I have to give up the magic of back-to-school. So for my second month, it’s only fitting that I focus on what I love so much about this time of year: learning.

In no particular order, this month I commit to adding* the following resolutions to my list:

  • Learn more about yoga.
  • Learn to speak Spanish.
  • Learn about wine.
  • Learn about potential grad programs (and possibly applying).
  • Learn to rest.
  • Reading smart books.

Let’s see how well I do this month! 😉

* A quick note on “adding”: I am sticking true to Rubin’s original happiness project design in which each month she added new resolutions but didn’t replace any (unless they truly weren’t working). I’m going to attempt the same – small increments, small daily steps to getting better and better and better.

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